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My name is Tsatsa. I've been working as an English speaking tour guide for 8 years. I graduated from Tourism and Hotel Management Institute in Austria. I love my job and very passionate about the tourism industry.. I offer wide range of tours throughout Mongolia. I try hard to give my customers the best service and unforgettable tour they had ever experienced before with reasonable cost. 

Furthermore, I used to travel in the wild mountains and vast fields with my father, who was a preservationist at that time when I was a little girl. He taught me how to protect our mother nature and every living creature that makes our planet so fascinating and unique.

We dedicated ourselves truly and deeply to the tourism industry; that's why we are offering the best service at a relatively reasonable price. Mongolia is the land of adventure; you will find here endless wide steppe, wild animals, and ingenuous hospitality smiled people.
So just simply contact with me. 

Country: Mongolia

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Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 8

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Last seen 12 hours ago