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My name is Turat. I am a Kyrgyzstan native that currently resides in Murghab, Tajikistan. I speak English, Russian, Tajik, and Kyrgyz.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Hello! My name is Turat, i am driver Pamir Highway!

Country: Tajikistan

Services in: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

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Do yourself a favour and book your tour with Turat.

I a female solo traveller and a photographer, and have specific needs. I have used a lot of drivers around the world (India, Nepal, Serbia, Romania, Cambodia etc) and Turat is right there at the top in terms of customer service delivery and professionalism.

He’s an experienced driver who is safe, trustworthy, patient, and funny. Yes, he’s the complete package and I’m really happy to call him my friend now.

For 10 days we drove around the Pamir Highway and he was very sensitive to my needs and would accommodate them. Sometimes, while on the road - I would spot a photo but wouldn’t say anything because I had been asking to stop the car so many times. But Turat would pick up on this and ask if we should stop. But he’s more than a driver…it’s more like hanging out with a friend.

His son Abdulmazhid also came along for the journey, and he was amazing as well. He has a beautiful character…very humble, warm and friendly. He was so accommodating and helpful in every respect – e.g. interpreting, helping with luggage, going for walks.

During the 10 days, we never ran into any problems. They say that getting sick on the Pamir is something everyone experiences. Not me. All food and accommodation was safe, and I actually have a weak stomach!

There is no doubt in my mind that Turat and his son Abdulmazhid enhanced my experience of the Pamir Highway, and I will always be grateful for that. I loved it so much, that I will be going back.


The tour with Turat and his son Abdulmazhid was really great! Turat is an experienced driver and the itinerary that we followed was also very good. We did the "Pamir Highway Tour from Bishkek to Dushanbe, 14 Days" in opposite direction from Dushanbe to Bishkek, because then you have more time to acclimatize before you reach the Ak-Baital Pass (4.655 meter). His son helped Turat on our trip and did that very good, so it was like having 2 guides for the price of 1. :) Both speaks good English, so it was easy to communicate with them.

One highlight of the trip was the overnight stay at Turat's house where we also met his very kind wife. She took very good care of us while we were there.

You see a lot of beautiful sights in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan without the feeling that you are in a rush to be in time at the next overnight place. For us it was the perfect itinerary.

The whole journey was not like 2 guides and 2 guests, but as a group of 4 friends. We had a wonderful time and will never forget this time we had together.

Overall I really recommend Turat as your guide and I also recommend the "Pamir Highway Tour from Bishkek to Dushanbe, 14 Days", but then in opposite direction. You will have the journey of your life!

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Turat was not only a great and experienced driver, but a real friend for us. He drove us safely from Bishkek to Dushanbe in a 10 unforgettable days trip, with amazing conversation that really helped us to understand local culture and lifestyle (Turat speaks good English). He was very flexible and patient to fulfill our special requests, and we also had the opportunity to visit his house and family. Turat's son also came with us for the whole trip, adding a young's point of view to our conversation's and turning this trip in real fun. Strongly, strongly recommended!

Federico about listing Pamir Highway Tour-Driver 4 months ago.

Turat was an excellent guide and driver. Very professional, and well prepared, always helpful and considerate. We went with him from Dushanbe to Osh, had a great trip, completely without problems.

Happy to recommend Turat.

Steven about listing Pamir Highway Tour-Driver 4 months ago.

Turat was an amazing guide through an amazing landscape. He was able to guide me through Kyrgyzstan, the Pamir, and the Wakhan Corridor as only a local can. Although he speaks English fluently, he was patient enough to endure my mediocre Russian throughout the journey. His son Nurik accompanied us and was a great host as well.

He put together an outstanding itinerary with lots of surprises and a mix of comfortable homestays and hotels. I'd gladly recommend Turat to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and entertaining guide.

Joseph about listing Pamir Trip with Turat 6 months ago.
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Turat was a wonderful driver and guide. He has been doing this for 10 - 15 years and grew up in the area. He loves the Pamirs and knows them well. He was able to find accommodations for my husband who is paraplegic and myself at every stop. He was willing to change plans when we wanted and was very helpful in every way.

Verna about listing Pamir Highway Tour-Driver 6 months ago.

Unfortunately we did not meet Turat after all due to unforeseen circumstances beyond his control. I am really sorry for that.

While we were preparing for the trip online, Turat was always very helpful and provided exceptional service. He organised two replacement drivers for us who were also great. Overall we had a wonderful trip in the Pamir.

Orsolya about listing Pamir Highway Tour-Driver 1 years ago.

Turat is the best Pamiri driver and best person you can find in the Pamir highway. He is an experienced driver and knows the road, villages, people, etc. during all the Pamir trip very well. He is open-minded and thinks about your needs every moment. Correct English and interesting discussions.

Our travel wouldn´t be the same without him. We have very good memories from our travel! We hope to see Turat again and to do more and more trips with him (maybe Afganistan or to look for Snow Leopard)! Thanks Turat.

We highly recommend him! Be their guests and your travel will be unforgettable.

David and Sandra.


Our group of three completed a successful eleven day Pamir Highway trip with Turat in his Landcruiser. We found Turat to be very professional in his dealings with us. He responded promptly during online negotiations , offered a fair price and delivered on everything he promised. Turat is very experienced at travelling the Pamir and has great connections with accommodation house owners and he always sought the best deal for us, his clients. He helped organise a birthday celebration along the highway. We would certainly use him again and strongly recommend him to other travellers.

Lil about listing Transport Osh - Murgab - Dushanbe 1 years ago.
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To anyone considering going through anywhere in Central Asia (and particularly Tajikistan) please read this review: Turat is incredible - he is the best guide, and even more, the best friend, you can find in Central Asia.

We are two Canadian brothers - one of whom just graduated with a masters from Cambridge and the other who is studying at McGill in Canada. We are adventurous, we love culture and an experience, but we also have high standards. Turat delivered on every point - when we had a rough day he was compassionate and would give extra care and offer help wherever possible. I am rarely impressed by service, but this man should give lectures at Harvard Business School. In his own words, everything "Is Possible".

When we wanted to go off the beaten path and explore, he was always happy to help. He has extensive experience everywhere and appears to have connections across every region - to the governments and various important people - you always feel safe and we avoided much trouble at borders and checkpoints because he simply knew people and seemed to hold a lot of respect from them.

Turat is the father of a family and all the money he earns from these trips goes towards supporting the well-being of his family and community. He understands deeply how tourism and travellers benefit the local economy and people and makes sure to make that connection.

Please reach out to me personally if you have any questions about my time with Turat, but I can assure you that you will enjoy your trip if you go with Turat.

Thank you Turat

Anyone reading this please share with anyone else you know going to the region - I truly appreciate what this man is doing and want to support him.

Kylan about listing Pamir Highway Tour-Driver 1 years ago.
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