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9 months ago

Country: Poland

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan

About my trip: questions: : Pls find below details: group - about 5 people, mostly gentlemens (last year they visited Georgia, they drive 4x4, sleep to very basic accomodation, ony one night to Room 99, they eat to basic Restaurant. Clue of trip was adventure and fun . Now they are looking another destinations and we are recommend them Kazachstan) Accomodation- twin rooms. Hotel 1 night has to be in nice good hotel, but it can be also a part of challenge they can sleep at peoples house or other interesting places. 3 meals a day 5-6 days Starting from II part of February 2019 it can be also a winter trip - snowmobiles? We are open to any offer. Budget about 400 euro per person for transport/accomodation&meals. Please send me Your offer by Wednesday

Travel month: February 2019

Number of persons: 5

Status: Open

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