Hello, and welcome to Central Asia

My name is Mirlanbek .I am native local guide.I would like to organise wonderful days out for you in this most beautiful and intriguing countries.I would like to give my guests knowledge about our national culture,traditions,life,history,spirituality.I have lived in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan  and I am very passionate about sharing what it has to offer.

I have spent a vast amount of time getting to know the area in order to be able to show my guests the very best that it has to offer. Any kind of tourism by organizing and guiding adventurous trekking, horseriding tours and trips,transport and etc due to your desires.

If you are interested please contact me.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: History,tourism, trekking, horse riding

Country: Kazakhstan

Destination countries: Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan

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By the time we met Mirlan, we spent 10 days in Kazakhstan, travelling nearly alone. We had difficulties without knowing russian or kazakh. It was a really relaxing time having him to arrange details, and our task was simply listening him, seeing the sights and enjoy time.

He led us around Almaty and told us interesting stories about buildings, people, lifestyle and history, what we have never know from books. We had great conversations - thanks for his fluent English - about all questions which appeared inside me during previous 10 days. I am regret that did not booked him for all the trip.

Mirlan's friendly personality and his very attentive behavior made our days together ungorgettable. I truly recommend him.


Mirlanbek is experienced and humble to serve his customers. He did everything from his power to give us the best tour possible. I recommend him to those who plan to travel around Almati region and Kyrgyzstan.


Mirlan provided me an excellent service.

Every thing was fine.


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