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Welcome to Central Asia

My name is Mirlanbek. I am 37 years old.I am native local guide. I would like to organise wonderful days out for you in this most beautiful and intriguing countries. I would like to give my guests knowledge about our national culture, customs, history, lifestyle. I have lived in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and I am very passionate about sharing what it has to offer.

I have spent a vast amount of time getting to know the area in order to be able to show my guests the very best  places. I can organise individual tours, group tours. Any kind of tourism by organizing and guiding, adventurous trekking, cultural tours, sightseeing tours, horseriding and  horseback trekiings, transfers and etc due to your request.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: History,tourism, trekking, horse riding

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 9

31 open listings

12 received reviews (92% positive, 11/12)


Everything went perfectly

George about listing Almaty to Jyrgalan village 18 days ago.
Jo Ann

We had a great time with Mirlanbek. From the moment he met us at the train station to the time he took us to the airport, he was constantly showing and explaining to us what makes Kazakhstan so special. He took us to "hidden gems" off the tourist route and brought a picnic lunch for us. We felt we had a "local" experience. He is knowledgeable, organized, thoughtful, and a lot of fun. We will count on him to show us more of Kazakhstan.

Ka59  we trek to lake almaty at 11 000 feet

We went on a 6 day trip to Altyn Emel, Charyn canyon, Kolsai lake and Kyrgyzstan with Mirlan. It was a great trip, Mirlan showed us great places and provided accomodation at local guesthouses with amazing local food (best breakfast in central Asia imho). He was flexible with our needs and could adjust it according to our requirements. We changed the trip slightly during the way, e.g. we went for a walk to Altyn Arashan, which was supposed to be a 3 hour walk, but we really liked the place and felt like walking much more, so we asked Mirlan if it would be possible and to walk all the way to hot springs and back in a day, which is not very usual. He agreed and we had an amazing 30 km trek. It is always good to listen to Mirlan's suggestions because he knows a lot about this part of the world. But of course, if you are sure about something, you should stick to it as everyone has different taste and you might like something else than your guide, e.g. Mirlan was not so sure about going to Altyn Emel, but we were sure we wanted to go there and did not want ot change it and it was so worth it and the next day Mirlan had a different suggestion and we agreed to it and it was great, e.g. he suggested changing the commercial yurt stay to a family yurt with no pictures and previous stays there and it was so great, very authentic, we loved it. Communication is very important. Our overall experience was great. It was one of the best trips in our lives thanks to Mirlan. He even thought us how to ride a horse, which was great. He is a great guy and we missed Mirlan after this trip.

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We went to Big Almaty Lake with Mirlanbek on Saturday. Everything went smoothly. The driver picked us up at home. The stay at the lake was beautiful. Also we got coffee for free :-)

Can highly recommend Mirlanbek and his driver!

Kathrin about listing Big Almaty Lake 1 month ago.

We just did this specially customized trip. It was fantastic. We requested to experience sunset and sunrise in the canyon. Mirlan promised us and delivered the most awesome camping experience at Termrlik Canyon.

Sunset was awesome. We camped right beside a river. On the other side was the red canyon face of Temerlik (red) Canyon with luscious green pine trees at it's foot and a rushing gargling river. The campfire and the meat for bbq were all prepared by Mirlan. It was simple but delicious. 100% homemade and homely. . most appreciated

We were awoken to the sound of chopping wood. Mirlan was busy chopping wood and already had the fire going for hot tea and breakfast.. AND IT WAS ONLY 5am.!!! He said to us.. "you wanted sunrise.. here it is."

Mirlan was meticulous in delivering what we requested and more.

The next day Mirlan we headed to Assy Plateau. It was simply beautiful. Mirlan chose a splendid spot for a picnic lunch and had kazy that was made by Mirlan's wife. It was great, better than the one we had in restaurants The picnic ground was at a confluence of 2 streams with the rolling hills of Assy plateau as backdrop. We city folks and was blown away at the sheer beauty of Assy. The sceneries Mirlan shown us during the whole trip was unforgettable

Mirlan is an excellent guide who take time to understand our requests and do his utmost to meet our expectation. At time it may not always be possible because of logistic constraints in the country side Frankly, this made the whole experience even more authentic. Mirlan would prepare us ahead of what to expect and what is possible and what isn't.

Mirlan is a professional and take his duties seriously and meticulously .

His attention and efforts are truly sincere. I strongly recommend Mirlan guide service.

Thank You Mirlan for a wonderful trip.

Whatsapp image 2018 05 22 at 9.16.27 pm

Because of the tight arrangement, I have booked 4 days private tour with Mirlan (guide) for my wife and myself. It was my mistake of overlooking it is not included English speaking guide but only Russian driver. To be honest, my wife was afraid of it due to it is talking 4 days and it is our honeymoon meanwhile first time to browse Central Asia.

Before the trip, Mirlan keep communicate with me via whatsapp and provide me the information e.g. before I go to Kolsay Lake, there was landslide. (Luckily, at that day, it is re-open to car, otherwise we need to ride horse with extra fee.)

Mirlan has a good support from his driver to make our tour successfully and funny. I am comfortable, and it is funny to use Google Translate to chat with the driver who is friendly and take care of us always.

For accommodation, I am satisfy especially guesthouse in Saty Village because it is really the local life over there.

Sometimes, Mirlan is hurrying and impatient because of the time tight and going fast, we need to make decision as soon as possible.

The overall feeling is good even get to discuss something urgently base on the actual situation.

By the way, black and white is needed for easy reference and discussion.


I was happy to find Mirlan, he led me on a nice tour to Big Almaty Lake and further up the mountain to the cosmodrome. Spectacular views all the way up the mountain. Mirlan was a very good guide, I really enjoyed my afternoon in the mountains. Would recommend his services, everything went well, reliable and on-time. And don't forget your passport if you want to go all the way up to the cosmodrome at over 3000m)

Tim about listing Big Almaty lake.Daytrip 3 months ago.

Everything went smoothly except the dispute with Mirlanbek on total price charged for the whole trip and the arrangment on accommodation.

Both the driver and rainger are very good that give us a very enjoyable trip.

Mirlanbek's response: "After the booking, she extended the tour by one day. There was a misunderstanding about the total price. I told the new price without the deposit, she understood incl. deposit."


Things went well! Helpful guide!

Nirosha about listing Bishkek,Tamgaly(UNESCO) and Almaty tour 4 months ago.

By the time we met Mirlan, we spent 10 days in Kazakhstan, travelling nearly alone. We had difficulties without knowing russian or kazakh. It was a really relaxing time having him to arrange details, and our task was simply listening him, seeing the sights and enjoy time.

He led us around Almaty and told us interesting stories about buildings, people, lifestyle and history, what we have never know from books. We had great conversations - thanks for his fluent English - about all questions which appeared inside me during previous 10 days. I am regret that did not booked him for all the trip.

Mirlan's friendly personality and his very attentive behavior made our days together ungorgettable. I truly recommend him.

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