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i am Umar from East Pamir (Murgab). Our team has been working in tourism for along time in Tajikistan, and we provide quality service for our customers.

Also we offer for you ecotourism in the East Pamirs.

We can suggest for you:

Types of services:
1. Jeeptur on the highway M-41
2. Group tours
3. Off-road jeep tours in the Eastern Pamirs
4. Walking track
5. Bike tours and escorts
6. Horse riding on horses, camels, yaks
7. Ecotour for Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan
8. Hiking through the celestial mountains of the Eastern Pamirs
9. Tourism in historical places and places of interest
10. Health tourism in the territory of the Eastern Pamir
11. Study tourism on the culture of ethnic peoples.
12. Scientific-educational expedition to the religious buildings
13. Speleotourism
14. Tourism along the paths of the Great Silk Road with familiarization of life
nomadic people of the Eastern Pamirs.
15. Meeting and seeing off at the airport.
16. Full support in obtaining a visa for foreign citizens including
special permission for border zones
17. Providing cozy guest houses and yurts for guests with delicious
18. Services of guides-translators (guides with knowledge
Russian, English, Arabic, Persian)
19. Highly qualified drivers with knowledge of English,
perfectly oriented on the terrain. 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: traveling,interested in culture of Central Asia, love football, offroad tours,

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 3

18 open listings

6 received reviews (100% positive, 6/6)

Missing Diana

Umar was my wonderful guide from Osh to Khorog in August 2019 and he made my journey with him very special. He drove carefully and was incredibly knowledgeable about local culture, different villages, the animals and birds of the area and so much more. I am a woman in my 70's and I felt very comfortable and at ease travelling with him. He helped when necessary, stopped whenever for photographs or to see a special site and introduced me to many people on the journey. His English is excellent and he translated many of the questions I wanted to ask local people and their replies. As a vegetarian he made sure I had enough suitable food. What more can I say to recommend this excellent guide and companion? You would enjoy any journey with him and at the end of it feel that you have been part of that country, not just a person travelling through it. Many thanks Umar.


Everything great!!! i will be back for sure

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Great experience. The driver, Omurbek, was amazingly skilled and a great guy.

Can't find a single complaint about the trip.

Ieltxu about listing From Osh to Khorog 2 years ago.

Easy to contact, readily available to answer questions. Comfortable to recommend additions or changes to inprove itinerary

Bianca about listing Bianca Piljic 2 years ago.
Missing Nicolas & Natalie

We travelled for six months with three young children in Asia (3, 6 and 7 years old). This trip to Tajikistan was fabulous, easy, the sceneries were amazing, the local people were very nice and very welcoming. It was the best part of our long trip in Asia and largely thanks to wonderful guide Umar who was very attentive, cautious and kind. Umar guesthouse in Murghab was also very comfortable with a warm and welcoming family.

Thank you very much for everything.

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Missing Jorge

We really enjoyed our 8-day trip on the Pamir Highway with Umar. Our driver and guide Omurbek was patient and responsive to our requests. When traveling with two teens on a trip that lasts over a week, his incredible patience and relaxed approach was really important to us. His Mitsubishi Pajero was in good shape and reliable so he had no trouble tackling the winding roads and steep inclines. Though we rarely hire a driver--preferring public transport or the flexibility of making our own itinerary--we were very happy with the choice to have a driver in the Pamir Highway. The area was exceedingly remote, the roads were extremely rough, and guesthouse locations were not always clearly marked. This would be a terrible place to breakdown. Much of the infrequent passing traffic was other cars full with tourists, so hitchhiking would be difficult. The accommodations Omurbek took us to were friendly, local and authentic. One night we stayed in a yurt and another night we stayed at Omurbek’s guesthouse where we met his wife and kids. We also stayed in a very modern apartment in Dushanbe with a pleasant woman we enjoyed talking with. Keep in mind that on many of the stops along the Pamir Highway, the homes and villages are rural with more basic facilities. Still, the food at every place was always plentiful and delicious. We could never eat it all. We also had clean bedding, though we brought our own sheet sacks and used them occasionally. We had plenty of blankets at night and were never cold at night during our July trip. We were glad we had warm coats in some of the higher elevations during the day. Many of the bathing rooms had water heated by a wood fire for washing. We also found it useful to have our small solar powered lantern. Water was included in the tour price, but we brought a few very large 10 liter jugs of drinking water with us and found this useful and a more environmentally friendly option.

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