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Barev to all travellers) (Barev, is armenian word, means Hello)

My name is Vahagn, but my friends call me VAN.

I'm a person who loves Traveling, Photography, Reading books and etc... 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I'm the owner and Certified Tour Guide in Armenia! Traveling and Photography are my hobbies and I make it my job as well, because I enjoy what I do, I love to share the history of my historical country with others and make unforgettable trips for you, share travel tips!

Country: Armenia

Trip Request for: Armenia, Georgia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 4

3 open listings

6 received reviews (100% positive, 6/6)


Great guy - organized my trip to perfection! He made sure I had a very trustworthy driver and also asked his sister to be my tour guide. Nadia speaks perfect English and is very knowledgable about all things Armenian, so great experience and service overall, thank you, guys!

Sandro about listing Armenia Tour SG 1 years ago.
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A very friendly tour guide.his the best tour guide.his not just only a tour guide. He is also our photographer...hehehehhe thank you Vahagn to help, accomodate us to introduce your country to us.once again THANK YOU.

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Fell in love with this beautiful country. The people, food and culture amaze us! And our guide Van is one of the best photographer ever! He knows very well where to shot instagramable pictures! Thank you for the hospitality really enjoyed the tour! Also to our driver Ararat for always being on time. Had unforgettable ❄️ memories.

Missing Valin

thank you for making my birthday the best day!! Me and my friends really enjoyed Armenia because of you guys!!

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The best tour guide we have ever had! Vahagn, Chinar, Narek & company are the best! We have been to other countries as well and when comparing other tour guides to them, no one can beat the efforts... Touring with them feels like you are traveling with friends and not just your tour guide / operator. They went above and beyond just to make sure that we were having the best time, most especially our friend who was celebrating her birthday during our trip in Armenia. Vahagn arranged a lot of surprises for her and more! Truly, our experience in Armenia is unforgettable, not just because of the wonderful sights but because of Vahagn and team!

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This tour was good and needed for me as I had the advantage to discover a lot with Vahagn. He was a joyful and friendly tour guide. He was informative about things I didn't know. I also met lovely people on the tour and got to connect with different cultures in the group, which felt great and eye-opening. The tour I took, was very good for the many places I got to see and visit within days!

Memorable experience it was!

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