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I am a local tour operator based in Ust-Kamenogorsk with more than 10 years experience in tourism. I designs tours that combine history, ethnography, and eco-tourism. A wide range of tours includes comfortable hiking, adventure, ethnography, with an accent on staying in rural guesthouses and learning about customs of Kazakh Altai.


With me you can:

  • see the Flora and Fauna of Altai
  • visit the original settlements of Russian old believers
  • walk through the West-Altai reserve
  • admire the beauty of Lake Markakol
  • swimming in the lake Zaisan
  • do a photo shoot in the canyon Kiin-Kerish with the awesome Martian landscape
  • see the blooming of the Apple tree Sievers
  • live in the family of the eagle hunter
  • try the gastronomic delights of the Kazakh and Russian cuisine

See you in Kazakhstan, Valeriya

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I took the two day trip to Semipalatinsk and it worked out well.

We had interesting visits to the Test Center Museum, to the original ground zero and to Atomic Lake. The guides were were knowledgeable and had lots of good information. It's a big area so there was a lot of driving, but that is unavoidable.

We spent one night at the Hotel Mayak. This was formerly a high-end Soviet-era visitor's hotel and felt very 1980s Soviet in style, but it was actually very comfortable.

The guide and driver were very professional, did a good job of looking after me and made sure everything worked well. Thank you!

It was an interesting trip and I recommend it.

Graham about listing SEMIPALATINSK NUCLEAR TEST SITE, 2 DAYS 1 years ago.
Atomic lake.2

very exiting thanks a lot for the trip

knut about listing Semipalantinsk nuclear test site 1 years ago.

Everything worked without a problem. Valeriya always answered our questions quickly and managed to get us a tour to Semey test site on short notice. The tour itself was also impressive.

Ilona about listing advance payment test site 2 years ago.

We had a super good tour with valeriya agency. Everyone was very reliable and caring. The tour itself is great, the guide and horseman are very nice people, we had good fun with them, the all altay area is beautiful, the horses were good animals. We do recommend Valeryia to everyone who want to enjoy a horse tour in altaï mountains :-)

Clotilde about listing Horse tour altai mountains 2 years ago.

Great tour. Very efficient guides

andrew about listing SEMIPALATINSK NUCLEAR TEST SITE, 2 DAYS 2 years ago.
Polygon 4

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