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Our travel team is a full service travel provider committed to delivering outstanding travel experiences to our customers and we are extremely passionate about travel and arrange all styles of tours to unique and exotic destinations in Mongolia.

We set a goal to supporting local environment, economy & nomadic families in the regions we visit and are staffed with a powerful team of highly motivated & experienced travel professionals who know their motherland inside & outside. You will find that we listen to your specific needs to make sure you get the vacation that truly suits your specific desires.

So we are ready to handle all of your vacation needs with enthusiasm and will be happy to design a perfect itinerary, using our expertise in the field of tourism to guide them. We cannot wait to assist you plan your dream vacation, so please contact us to plan your next adventure in Mongolia!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: • Extensive knowledge of Mongolian history, nomadic lifestyle, artifacts and amenities • Involved Safety and First Aid Training • Excellent Organizational Skill • Interested in traveling and reading • Bird watching

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 10

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Victor is an excellent guide! He is very caring, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable about Mongolia! If I ever had to visit Mongolia, I would highly recommend booking with him!

Howie about listing Chan 21 Day Trip to Mongolia 11 months ago.

This trip was our first desert experience for us. Quite a lot of new things to see and think about. The best moments were the unexpected ones. We witnessed horse taming at a nomad family. The sand dune was also special, and not only because of the view. We could see many vultures in Yol canyon, but also lots of pikas, they were practically everywhere. Many other birds, too: eagles, cranes, and many others.

The desert itself was interesting enough. It was never barren, small pathes of grass and small bushes were present all the time. Life finds a way. In August it was not too hot (only 20C by day), and wind often blowing.

A great surprise was Khugnu Tarna natural reserve, which definitely should get more attention. Camel rides or hikes are available on the sand dunes or on the mountains nearby.

We also enjoyed the gers. Our favourite night was at the nomad family near Yol canyon, where we could witness some of the traditional activities: taming the horses, milking the cows, bringing back the goats. We were treated by the kids with a bowl of fermented mare milk. Also, near Ongi monastery, we stayed at a nomad family near a small river, and we could enjoy a shower. It was quiet and peaceful.

The Russian van (UAZ 452) was great. Not much speed, but good suspensions and safe. And above all, a pleasure to watch!

Victor was very kind and waited for us at the railway station and drove us to our hotel, making it easier for us to get in touch with the City for the first time.

Our guide, Amaraa, was very helpful, we talked a lot about all kinds of things. She also cooked for us very good meals. Our driver, Dembee, took great care of the car and made us feel we were in good hands.

It was a unique experience for all of us and we definitely recommend Victor, Amaraa, and Dembee for anyone eager to travel through Mongolia.

Felix about listing Most marvelous Mongolian 6-day trip 11 months ago.
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