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Last seen 8 months ago

I am a woman, love to travel, photography and looking for cultural experiences and love to interact with local people when traveling.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: When traveling, my focus is always nature, photography, and cultural experience with the local people. I like to hike sometimes but in easy/medium levels.

Country: Indonesia

Trip Request for: Mongolia, Pakistan

About my trip: I would like to explore western Mongolia on September 2020. I am interested to explore Altai Tavan B National Park, especially beautiful spots for picture takings. Also aside from that, I would also interested to learn/experience hunting with the eagle hunter family to the most beautiful parts of Altai. Perhaps it will be great if I could stay with the eagle hunters' family that stay on the scenic part of the Altai. I might travel solo, or with a friend.

Travel month: September 2020

Number of days: 12

Number of persons: 1

Status: Open

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Last seen 8 months ago