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Explore Kazakhstan! And welcome to Almaty!


My name is Zhanar! Im a citizen of Almaty city. I love travelling myself and know how it feels when you are abroad and want to see as much as possible and gain much experience from the country you visited. I love what Im doing that`s why what I do I do with passion and share my experience, emotions and knowledge.

My goal is provide for you interesting and successful vacation and positive emotions while your stay here. Lets meet personally and I would like to share my knowledge about my country with you.

Hope you will enjoy travelling with me in Almaty and its regions! )

2017 I passed successfully Trainings with EastguidesWest and received certificate '' Tour Guide Training on Western Expectations''

Im happy advice you to visit with me:

  • * Charyn Canyon
  • * Altyn Emel (singing dunes, Aktau and Katytau mountains)
  • * Kolsay and Kaindy lakes
  • * Chundzha hot spring resort
  • * Assa plateau
  • * Turgen waterfal small/big
  • * Tamgaly/Tanbaly tas petroglyphs
  • * Big Almaty lake
  • * Issyk lake (Trout farm, Issyk museum)
  • * Helicopter Tours
  • * Real Nomad life (to livein Yurts, milking cattle breeding and etc)
  • * Horse riding
  • * Private photograph tour
  • * Falcon/eagle hunting
  • * Shopping tour
  • * Fancy occasions
  • * City tour
  • * City tour+food tour+wine tasting
  • * Night life

For more details ask me DM

Good luck wherever you are and safe trips!

Cheers, Zhanar

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I love sport activities besides I like cooking. I like travelling, skiing, skating,running, swimming, jogging, riding horse, riding byke, cooking different national cuisine, cooking big cakes (red velvet, muffins) singing in karaoke, dancing, meeting new people, paragliding, hiking. And of course i like to introduce my city for travellers.

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 2

14 open listings

24 received reviews (100% positive, 24/24)


Our day couldnt be any better with a great company, Zhanar, whom guided us through some of history and nature of Almaty. Zhanar took her time to explain and carefully walked us through as we were travelling with my 72 years old father and toddlers with as young as 16 months old. We enjoyed every moments of the all day tour, and Zhanar's recommended food which she plans to ensure everyone's taste are fulfilled, and to have the best seats and scenery for the tour. Transportation provided was good and the driver is an experience one who knows the hills. Enjoyable day for all of us and we believe Zhanar will make your day a memorable one too just like the one we had. Definitely, Zhanar, a recommended tour guide for you and your family.


My friend and I took a tour with Zhanar upon our arrival in Almaty. We found her to be very informative and interesting. We particularly enjoyed the food and wine tasting elements.

Wing Sum Karen

I do enjoy my tour very much, everything is perfect! Zhanar is a very friendly and considerate girl and told me lots of Kazakh culture. The driver, Victor, is very nice and with good driving skills. The host family, the nomad, is really nice and I felt being warmly welcomed. Everything was smooth in the tour! The view is amazing and I saw huge amount of cattles that is hardly seen in cities. This is my first time for horse riding! A special experience in staying in yurt with the local family. I highly recommend this tour if you want to have different experience more than only sightseeing in Almaty!

Wing Sum Karen about listing Real Nomad Life from Almaty 2 months ago.

Next day of the walking tour with Zhanara, I also participated in the Cooking Class. She is a only guide organizing such food tour for a glutton like me.

The class was held at chef's apartment and there were 2 more local women besides me. It means I could have a chance to communicate local people closely.

The menu was ; 2 types of Ragman, Manpar, Baursak, Piyaz nan, Apple Pirog.

We started class with mixing flours for noodle dough, cutting vegetables for ragman and manpar. So to say, we cooked from zero. We I experienced every part of cooking  in detail. Sometimes simple but sometimes skills required...Of course the recipe note was already translated to English and Zhanara also helped me with translating tutorial one by one, step by step.

We started at 11 and we finished all process at 16 oclock. Fully handmade Kazakh & Russian dishes were delicious enough that we can not find in Japan.

Now I am looking my recipe memo and thinking to try it again soon.


I really enjoyed walking with Zhanara. She has deep knowledge about Almaty.

We started the tour from Zenkov Cathedral located in Panfilov's 28 Men Park. Although the cathedral was under reconstruction, it did NOT make me dissapointed because she explained why reconstruction needed, who damaged it etc...(Of course inside was wonderful as well, it was just like a museum)

After that, we planned to stop by the Green Bazaar and Albart square but she always allowed me to add somewhere else such as Folk Instrumental Museum.

My highlight was Green Bazaar where I could try several local tasty & sometimes surprising cuisine; dry fruits, horse meat, horse milk, camel milk and so on...Since I can not understand Russian nor Kazakh, her accompany helped me a lot.

She also introduced a local cafeteria for lunch (actually we were almost full with a lot of tasting in green bazaar though). In everywhere, I found that her assistance make my trip more and more interesting. Even one single dish, one street, one building has interesting history.

We ended this walking tour at a shop of new-rising local domaine named "Arba WIne".

I did not expected that I could taste such various bottles of Kazakhstan wine. I tasted from 8 bottles totally and of course I find my favorite one.

Additionally, I deeply appreciate to Zhanara for her accompany with a music festival and night outing after this tour!


I enjoyed 1 day tour with Zhanar. She is professional but very friendly which makes me comfortable all the time. She speaks fluent English. When I come back to Almaty, I will be sure to join her tour again! Highly recommend.

Yurie about listing Big Almaty lake 3 months ago.

It was a very good experience. Zhanar is a very good person to talk to. I knew a lot about Khazakstsn and its people. If you are looking for a guide who talks in english and russian you found it. Through out the whole journey i can say everything was better than i expected. Thanks again for great trip to big almaty lake.

Mindaug about listing Big Almaty Lake Tour - Almaty Day Trip 4 months ago.

Zhanar, was super patient and helpful. We traveled with 2 kids, so definitely had to pace it out. Loved her enthusiasm in sharing about the country, the food, etc.

Bhavya about listing 2 day trip 4 months ago.
Chung Man

Zhanar is nice and helpful. The tour is fine though there's a little misunderstanding. Sure will book with her if I come to Kazakhstan next time.


Thanks for such a great time!

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