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I would love to greet you all and invite to visit one of the largest country and explore the Great Steppes on the Heart of Eurasia! I am offering you the complete service starting at your planning the journey, getting the visa if required or any other permits if you want to visit some distinctive places, meeting at the airport and provde full service during your stay in Kazakhstan. 

Translation, accompanying, guiding you around Almaty, Astana, and other cities of Kazakhstan. If you are a business traveller I would like to offer you full Personal Assistance service and take over all your organizing, administrative duties and make your business trip very comfortable and reliable. 

I am a certified guide by Indy Guide and EastGuidesWest companies as well as a National Guiding Certificate holder (Certificate #KB 000511 in National Register) and I am very passionate about meeting people from the all over the globe to share the culture, adventure and to enhance your exploring experience while travelling in Central Asia, my home. I am happy to meet you through Indy Guide and provide the best to make you enjoy your visit.

 I invite you for the following destinations:

National Parks: Altyn Emel, Kolsai Lakes, Djungar Alatau, Ile Alatau, Katon Karagai 

UNESCO heritage listing: Mausoleum Complex Hazret Sultan, Tamgaly Petroglyphs, the Great Silk Road ancient ruined c ities

Forest and Wildlife Protected Areas: Sayram Ugam, Katau, Korgaldjin, Aksu Djabagly, Alakol Lake, Almaty 

In addition, I can arrange for you the trip to the restricted areas like Baikonur Cosmodrome, Semey Nuclear Testing Area, Aral Sea



My skills, interests, and hobbies: Interpretation and translation (English-Russian-Kazakh), written and verbal, business communications, negotiations. Guiding and excursions, outdoor activities, hiking and trekking. Horse riding, skating, sleighing, raw boating, driving.

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 5

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Zhanar is an extremely nice person and an excellent guide who speak english fluently. She knows a lot of things about Kazakhstan's history, culture, customs, etc. She also know many people and she seems to have friends everywhere. We explored together Altyn-Emel with my wife and her sister. It was a beautiful experience. I think next time we should spend 3 days there to hike and see more. I definitely recommend to hire her for a successful trip.

Julien about listing Altyn Emel National Park Tour 12 days ago.

Honestly and trust worthiness are two great characters of a tour guide. I would paraphrase an American insurance company ‘s trademark: “ YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS WITH ZHANAR (JANNA)”. Janna is truly a professional guide. She arranged every detail without a hitch. She provided help even after her tenure ended, and this shows that one can trust her 100% when she is your guide. Thank you Janna, for a wonderful experience during my travel in Central Asia.

Gene about listing 2018 Central Asia—Zhanar 1 month ago.

Everything was just perfect, Zhanar is a very smart and polite person. The whole trip was great organized, we visited beautifull places and we will have milion of marvelous memories :)

Ewa about listing 3 days trip from Almaty 3 months ago.
Missing Daniel

I have hired her for numerous occasions and she is honestly the best and most knowledgeable guide I can find in the region. Her best trait is her ability to connect and talk to different types of people. She really knows how to bring her clients exactly what you’re looking for. I highly recommend hiring her.


First of all, Zhanar is a lovely person. Smiling, listening, sharing and caring. During my two days stay in Almaty, she organized everything for me. She booked me a cool accomodation, with heavenly good home-made breakfast and dinner. I had a day-long trekking in the mountains planned, so she made sure I go there with a Kazakh champion mountain rescue member. Impressive. We also visited Charyn canyons. A long drive from Almaty, but we had a really good conversation on the road. We even had a little picnic ar the river Charyn. She tried to show me everything possible in my short period of stay. She even helped me buy a local SIM card, off-tour. She speaks very good English, and she's very patient. Plus, she's flexible in organizing programmes, just ask her, she'll come up with great ideas. I am happy I chose her as my guide, and I would happily contact her again, if somehow life would take me to Kazakhstan again. Thank you Zhanar!

Tamas about listing Almaty region 9 months ago.
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