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I am a Kazakh , born and live in wonderful Mongolia. Graduated my university from Kazakhstan as English&Chinese teacher. Started to work as a tour guide in Bayan-Ulgii province of Mongolia since 2011. Have a big lovely family.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Can speak Kazakh, English, Mongolian and Russian. Interested in Travelling and meet the new people, culture! Have lot of hobbies: reading books and stories, playing ping-pong, football.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Mongolia

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 7

21 open listings

7 received reviews (100% positive, 7/7)


My friend and i have taken an 11 days tour with zhan to the reindeer ppl in taiga.

It was such a pleasant trip with him and his team of driver (niama) and cook (aza) were of great company and fun. He is well versed in english and was very accomodating to change the itinerary slightly to meet our needs ie. He always cater to our impromptu request whenever possible.

Food is always available throughout the journey and even breakfast has a few selections of jams! Lunch and dinner is always different. Aza cooks really well.

Niama has such good sense of direction and driving skills and it makes the road trip on furgon (russian van) so much more bearable. He's our human gps who occasionally doubles up as assistant chef.

Eventhough Zhan is young, he has taken care of us well throughout our trip. He is with us once we arrived to the airport/bus station till we depart from UB. As he is a kazakh and is good with horses, it was our privilege to have learned horse riding lesson 101 from him. He always keep our safety with utmost importance.

Will i engage him again for my next mongolian trip? Definitely yes!

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We had a great 9 days trip to the Altai mountains including the small Eagle festival in sagsai. Zhan has a really nice team and we had a lot of fun together. Everything was good orgnaized and the food was so tasty and always too much. :) We had a really good time which we won´t forget! Thanks!

Stefanie about listing Western Mongolia Tour (9 days) 3 years ago.

Our 12-day tour with Zhandaulet to Western Mongolia was very impressive. We spent the whole time with him and his crew (Gul the cooking lady and Beke the driver) and they all took really good care about us.

With Zhandaulet you get a true impression of the nomadic and kasaque culture of Mongolia. He is a local guy from Ulgii who knows the people and loves his country. He is also interrested in other cultures and we had many good conversations with him. With him you will get the full dose of Western Mongolia and we can fully recommend him!

Michael about listing Western Mongolia Tour (11 days) 3 years ago.

Zhaun was everything we could have wanted - a young, ambitious guy with good experience deciding to set out on his own.

The tour was customized to exactly our interests, he was organized, thoughtful, prepared, and friendly. He made our trip to Mongolia better than we could have hoped. I'm telling all my friends to take a trip to Ulgii and book with Zhaun. We loved him!


Zhandaulet made traveling through Western mongolia very easy! He was able to give me a custom tour for my short amount of time there. Everything was taken care of and he was prompt at communication as well as transportation to/from the airport. I highly recommend booking through him. =)

Katherine about listing Western Mongolia Tour in 5 Days 3 years ago.

Zhandaulet (‘Zhan’) is kind, cheerful and professional. He speaks fluent English, Kazakh, Mongolian, and Russian. We had great fun in the Altai under his guidance, with many interactions with the locals, which left us with the feeling that all Kazakh-Mongolians in the Altai are the best of friends. We toured with Khajbek as our driver (Zhan’s uncle) and Gul as our cook (Zhan’s auntie-in-law), and so it felt as if we had been adopted into Zhan’s family for a fantastic camping trip. Khajbek is a very skilled driver, and the hours of driving seemed to pass quickly, at odds with all we had read regarding the horrors of bumpy Mongolian roads. Gul is a wonderful cook, offering us many tasty traditional dishes.

Zhan was happy to change our itinerary to suit us – even mid trip, when we wanted another day to explore a beautiful valley that he took us to.

I would highly recommend Zhan as a guide. He took great care of us, and we had an unforgettable trip.

Catherine about listing Western Mongolia Tour (11 days) 3 years ago.
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I strongly recommend Zhandaulet for any tours involving the Altai Mountains and nomad lifestyle. He is accomodating, friendly, knowledgeable, engaging and amusing. We had a great time on the Altai tour with him and he looked after us very well. His first priority was always making sure our needs were met. He is very interesting and easy to talk to, with a great sense of humour. He is curious about other cultures and more than ready to share about his own. We immediately felt at ease with Zhandaulet, and we developed rapport over the course of the tour. He was also very flexible in shortening the tour to accommodate our schedule, and arranged airport transfer for us.

His driver Baiboulet was excellent, a very good driver and also quite humerous. His cook, Gul (Flower), made delicious food and was a lovely person to be around. She gave us lots of variety and there was always enough to eat.

For anyone travelling to West Mongolia, I would recommend Zhandaulet and his team. 10/10!

We will miss you Zhandaulet!

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