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We are a team that offers various guided tours around Nur-Sultan (Astana) in English, French, Turkish and Russian languages. Our ultimate goal is to promote local tourism in Kazakhstan by providing our services. Our team wants to transform the typical perception of Astana and to show our young capital from a different perspective. We will turn each customer into a friend through the power of exploring the new culture, sharing our history and showing the city in all its beauty.

About our team:

- Zhanel -


  • I believe that memories are not only about places you visit, it is also about people you meet and friends you get! And I will try to become your friend and to help you to take the maximum information and emotions with you, even if it is just a short tour for 3-4 hours. As we nobody knows, perhaps next time you will come here again, not only as tourists, but as our friend ;-)

- Ayazhan -


  • My name is Ayazhan. I fluently speak English, Russian and French. I’m keen on politics and international relations. I am happy to share my knowledge of kazakh culture, local traditions and the history of Astana.
    ​I have experience in welcoming guests, providing guided tours and working with delegations. I will be happy to provide tours and I look forward to meet you here in Astana. 

- Elvira -


  • Please come say hi!
    My name is Elvira, but you can call me Elya. I believe that traveling leads to self-exploration and mutual understanding among countries. 
    While watching travel shows as a child, I dreamt about traveling abroad. I finally got a chance to travel when I was 16 years old on a trip to London. From that time and on I traveled to Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Russia, and most recently, the United States of America. Traveling to the USA through the Work and Travel program helped me discover yet another side of this marvellous and exceptional country. While travelling throughout the California, New York and Boston, I discovered that exploring and visiting new places inspired me more than books and films have. Exploring new cultures makes it possible for me to understand a place on its own terms without judgement.

- Olzhas -


  • Welcome to Astana, dear friend!
    ​My name is Olzhas. I love playing guitar, dancing social dances combining such activities with studying engineering disciplines. I fluently speak English, Russian and Kazakh. I have strong communication skills and can tell you about Astana and Kazakhstan in a very captivating way!


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