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Hi to everyone who is interested in visiting Kyrgyzstan, as well as to all who adore traveling. My name is Zhannat, a professional tour guide-interpreter. 

Let me list some facts about myself as a tour guide. 

1) I was born and grown up in a rural part of Kyrgyzstan. I know what it is like real spectacular mountains views with fresh air, crystal water. I know what it is like to live in this environment. Exactly that's why I am seeking to invite tourists from all over the world. It is really unspoiled nature with very sincere people. 

2) I have been working as a tour guide for 7 years. First, I started working in places not so far from Bishkek city, ( city tours and gorges nearby the Chui valley), and consequently I traveled all over Kyrgyzstan on car, by horse and doing trekking. This is a quite good experience especially when you take the responsibility to provide an amazing holiday for guests

3) I love history. Kyrgyz history is very much connected with the places where tourists travel. If you know the history, legend behind, then the tour will be even more interesting and useful. it is not just like walking around, It will be something beneficial, healthy and useful for everyone. When tourists come, they certainly seek to gain something new for themselves. That's what I can help with. I believe that the tours should be both useful and interesting, unforgettable. It should be a GREAT journey across the Great SILK ROAD destinations. As a professional Tour guide-interpreter:

- licensed guide

- traveled all around Kyrgyzstan

- mountain hiking

- cultural tours

- historical tours

- adventure tours

- used to work with a variety of groups. Starting from single adventure seekers to UN, UNESCO, National Geographic researchers and etc. 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: -travelling -poems, composition - antropology -history - collecting beautiful flower's photos

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan

Role: Certified/licensed Guide

Years of experience: 7

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Last seen 26 days ago