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Hello, My name is Zoloo I have been working his tour company about 6 years. I am English speaking. 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: love to talk, read a book, take photography, singing, and dancing.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 6

31 open listings

3 received reviews (67% positive, 2/3)


Im really disappointed with her. She make a lot of trouble with my journey. From make a wrong letter invitation is wasted my time, not buying my return flight from bayan ulgii to ulan baatar, and many more not according with what was we deal for advance price, and she treats my friends also.

But im really gratefull guide in bayan ulgii very nice, he is different agency with zolzaya. He very helpfully everything and make my journey enjoy and success.

After we return flight back to bayan ulgii we wait zolzaya and her manager in airport until 5 hours and also not came.

tita about listing Malimpa ums international expedition 2018 2 years ago.

nice,kind,polite to customer. Driver seems like not knowing the road very well because we had got lost many times. The lady was nice though. Would recommend to others to use this service. Price was also negotiable.

wilai about listing 2-3 aug ULN trip 2 years ago.

All our transfers worked well.

Tserenbaljir that followed us was very nice and her english was perfect

Mats about listing Transfer Zolzaya / Mats Jansson 2 years ago.

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