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Dear all, I am Zubair and studied International Relations at Tajik National Uni. Apart from that, I am really interested in working at tourism sector and its the main thing that I am doing it right now. In fact, I started to work in this sector after I worked in a British project International Citizen Service (ICS) which was dedicated for promoting tourism in Tajikistan in 2014.

I am friendly, easygoing, outgoing, positive, caring,& kind.

 My own curiosity has paved  the ground for working at tourism and It’s really amazing&enjoying to work at cause you travel and visit different places and you don’t stop in one place. And of course you get acquainted with different people from different backgrounds and outlooks. 

It’s no secret that I really enjoy traveling. Therefore, I started to work as a guide and it has become a passion for me and by the way currently I am living in beautiful City of Dushanbe. 

I am well acquainted with our community especially tourism parts. Pamir highways, Iskenderkul, 7 Lakes, Hisor town, Dushanbe City, and etc..  As I mentioned before, I Love traveling, visiting, and exploring many different places, so it’s the great part of my life. All natures are unique in Tajikistan  For instance, Iskandarkul Lake ( Alexander the Great Lake ) which is a Magical&outstanding nature, so everyone should visit before leaving this mortal world as Alexander the Great did. It was also the most beautiful lake in the Soviet Union. 

We offer you various tours:

  • Fan mountains tour 
  • Pamir highways tour
  • Photo tour 
  • Historical places tour
  • Natural places tour 
  • Cycling tours
  • Wildlife tours
  • Hiking tours


The more you travel, the more you get younger” (:

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am not just interested in traveling, it’s my passion and I am in love with it as well as I am interested in driving, hiking, cooking, doing yoga, reading books, and etc..

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Tajikistan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 4

13 open listings

5 received reviews (100% positive, 5/5)


Zubair arranged a fantastic guide (also named Zubair) and we loved every minute of our trip. We had a Land Cruiser, safe driver (in addition to a guide) and enjoyed the laid back progression of the day with ample time foe hiking, relaxing on the sunny shore of Iskanderkul, and enjoying a local meal. I highly recommend Zubair and his team!

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Zubair gave a most informative tour. Often sites are only listing text in native language or in Russian. Zubair cut through all that to explain it in English. Where an English-speaking guide on site was available, he deferred. But his local knowledge was a godsend getting around to the sites I wanted to see. You can trust him to get you a great tour.


I really much enjoyed the tour! Zubair was organizing everything very well and I did the three days trip with his friend Zubair (they have the same name funnily) and the driver Behrus. It was great! I learned a lot about the 7 lakes, Iskanderkul, tajik history and traditions. Thank you for this unique experience!!


Very good tour! I had a wonderful time in the seven lakes and Iskanderkul with Zubair and his driver Mohammed.

Chris about listing Penjakent tour 11 months ago.

I have just returned from Dushanbe and Zubair is a fantastic guide very knowledgeable and passionate.

He was flexible but well organised and exceeded my expectations.

What I like about Zubair is that he is considerate about everything. When the city tour ended, I wanted to do the seven lakes tour he made it happen.

He sorted the accommodation and transport at my request thank you for that. It was a breathtaking and memorable experience. His local knowledge and up to date information on each location got me the opportunity to take some supper photos.

Well, what can I say? It was an excellent experience, and Zubair was the man. The fixer or the guy who made it all happened. I recommend him not only for the travel photographers but anyone one who yearns for a once in a lifetime experience.

Viran about listing Beautiful City of Dushanbe 12 months ago.
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