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My name is Munkhzul. I was born and grow up in Ulaanbaatar. I used to go to my grandparents in Zavkhan province every summer when I was a child. It is about 1000km far from Ulaanbaatar western part of Mongolia. I had a beautiful time and lots of nice memories there. There were tall mountains with huge forest, big river, and wild animals. Many kind of wild fruits grow in the forest. There were thousands of sheep, goat, yaks, and horses everywhere.  It was real paradise for animals. My grandparents had about 100 yaks and 200 sheep. They had many neighbors with lot of animals. It was like unlimited huge farm. From early in the morning to evening all people had to do lot of work. You can't imagine how the nomad people work so hard in Mongolia all day long. Kids respected adults and obey to what were they say. Adults thought the young children how to take carry of the animals well, how to make dairy products and prepare the food in the all season. Now it isn't change much. When you visit to Mongolia, you will see all. It is very important who guide your trip. There are lots of smart guys and speak quit good languages work as a guide but some of them don't know own culture and history.  We have very nice culture, rich history and untouched beautiful nature. Please feel your trip comfortable and unforgettable and contact me by Indy guide. You can believe my 10 years experiences.


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