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He is the best guide. Very smart and helpful and kind. He prepared to me food. We were talking a hike in Konorchek Canyon and than we visited the oldest islam tower in Kyrgisistan. They are amazing places. I would like to say thank you Yaroslav. It Was one of my memorable trekking trip in my life.

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I had an amazing 10 days trip in Kyrgyzstan thanks to Beka. He was very responsive from the start when we were still discussing the itineraries and Beka recommended some wonderful guest houses and always great places to eat. A very attentive and patient guide, he shared the most beautiful places and interesting things about Kyrgyzstan, that I have decided to come back and visit again! I would definitely recommend Beka as a guide!


Great guy, unfortunately terrible weather and my short notice restricted the amount of time we had for hunting. Marat is a fun, enthusiastic gentleman with a passion for his country and informing others about it.

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Thanks for Akai's fantastic plan in Kyrgyzstan visiting with the most local way, hiking, horse riding and skiing. The guest house he arranged is warm and comfortable. He is also willing to share his personal opinion and have great talk from different culture background. And, good driver. Unforgettable memories we create there.

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Everything was very good! Aselya is a really nice person! We went to Burana Tower by public transport. It was a convenient way to go and I can recommend it to everyone who wants better to understand how an ordinary Kyrgyz person lives.


We had a great trip! Anna went above and beyond to deliver a unique experience for us. The areas she chose to show to us and the accommodations were fantastic. She remained flexible even to the last minute as we wanted to make a visit to the Bazaar before heading home. She was very patient with our frequent stops to take pictures and see the Kyrgyz landscape. She allowed us time to explore and relax.


Begal has been very accommodating to ascede to our requests to suit best our itinerary due to us experiencing unforseen circumstances (falling ill). He has been very patient and listen much to our needs during our travel together. Even though we were with him for only a week, it feels that we had so much in common like we have known each other for years. He had planned best our itinerary based on his clients needs. Our trip in Krygystan could not have been much better, all thanks to Bel...

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Gulmairam organised an incredible 5 day tour for us in mid November, taking in Osh, Arlsanbob, Toktugul, Bishkek and Issyl-Kul. Our guide Ulan was absolutely amazing and was keen and enthusiastic to show us his hidden gems around Kyrgyzstan. Gulmairam was very helpful, accommodating and with great communication. I would highly recommend.


I am sorry for not writing the review any earlier - there were and are some troubles within my family so it was and is not so easy to find time. Everything went absolutely great! I would like to thank Sergey for all his help - he helped us planning the trip but also while travelling. I can highly recommend Sergey and would definitely make any reservations with him again. Thank you so much for all your help!!!


We had a full 3 days trip with Marat and it was a great experience. He was very accomodative and flexible with timing, route and schedule. The best part we liked was his punctuality , he was always 10min earlier never late. Our children really loved his company as he explained them very well on all key spots and the best part was food/ restaurants he took us. Too good food that we never felt like returning. I would recommend Marat to all my friends planning a trip to beautiful Kyrgistan. He ...

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Marat was our guide for 2 days tour around Bishkek with eagle hunting show. We saw many beautiful and interesting places, and I think, Marat had a great job to made a maximum experience for us within these 2 days. He was very flexible, give us many options. He is very open-minded for other informations for e.x. about our county or other travel experience. And I very like his explanations about the sites - there where very informative and based. I hope we can go back to Kyrgisistan soon. If ...


Due to the brief shutting of the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan during the Kyrgyzstan presidential elections, Marat was unable to pick me up from my hotel in Taraz, as he couldn't take his car across the border. So we arranged to meet in Chaldovar, after I crossed the border instead. The drive to Bishkek with Marat was a personal highlight of my trip to Central Asia, I was lucky to have his company and the gorgeous views of his native country. I was very pleased, he made the effort ...


Everything was great! Do not go to Kyrgyzstan without talking to Alex. He knows all the good places and is super helpful at all times, he speaks the local languages and seems to know everything and every part of Kyrgystan. We rented a Buhanka from him and this is a great car (if not the best) to explore Kyrgyzstan with. So make sure to contact Alex if you plan on going to Kyrgyzstan.

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We have rent the new Buhanka from Alex for 9 days. We went from Bishkek to Tajikistan and the trip has been absolutely great! The 2017 Buhanka is a strong russian car, perfect for the bad roads of Tajikistan. Sleeping inside the Buhanka on the Pamir Highway has been an especial experience! Alex has been very kind with us and provides us everything we needed (blankets, dishes and other stuff, tools for the car security...), we certainly contact him again in our next trip in Central Asia! ...

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Mirlan provided me an excellent service. Every thing was fine. Gerardo


Anna was really helpful with the preparation of the trip. We received a very quick response to all our questions, beforehand and during the trip. The car was well equipped with table, chairs, gas stove, jerrycans, etc. Only point for improvement is that we were not informed about the transfer cost of the car. Overall we are very positive about Anna.