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Travelling with Maks was like travelling with a friend. The booking and planning process went very smoothly and we discussed many options before we fixed the route. The trip was thoroughly enjoyable, comfortable, but still thoroughly adventurous. No problems at the Torugart border to China as well, he had all the necessary permits. Maks was very flexible, which was important for our trip, and adapted with enthusiasm to our wishes. He has a sensible judgment of risks in the mountain areas and...


We had an amazing time driving around with a brand new Buhanka in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Alex and Vlad provided us with lots of information and great tips for our trip. The van was super comfortable, easy to drive, great to sleep in and it took us to the most beautiful and desolated places. Would loooooove to come back and can recommend this to everyone - great way to experience absolute freedom.

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Well, I’ll try to be fair here. Kuba might be great if you’re a French tour group, wanting to do the standard things, but I’d have to say not great for independent travellers. For a start, having received lots of offers from various guides via Indy Guide, I chose Kuba because he sounded like he knew what he was doing. Then a week before I arrived I discovered that he wasn’t going to take us but had sub-contracted two other guides (both of which I’d already declined via Indy Guide). S...


We had a tour through Kyrgyzstan which included a driver for four days (from Osh to Bishkek via tour stops) and three stays with locals: one yurt stay and two home stays. During the trip we had a self guided walk, a guided walk around lakes, and a horse ride. Overall the tour was very enjoyable. The driver did not speak a great deal of English but spoke more than the home stay people and seemed to understand more so helped us to communicate with them. He also seemed to care about looking ...


Nice guy, very knowledgeable and helped us out a lot at short notice! Would recommend


Everything was great!! Alex is the best! He helped us a lot with planing, gear and advice making the trip an unforgettable experience.

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All the things William explains in his review are thru. Mirjam (my wife) and I have the same experience. We are a little older and more experienced but never the less Akai provided us with "the trip of our lifetime"! On top of that, Akai is fun and inspiring person. He even got us horseback riding!


Wonderful trip. amazing experience. The guide was very nice, Recommend!


Renting the UAZ Bukhanka from Alex and Vlad was a great experience. The Van has taken us everywhere possibly imaginable, it is a machine, comfortable and very robust. Adding a great sense of adventure to your trip. You can only reach some places with such type of transport. But it's not only the transport you are paying for, it's a whole package, with the van it comes the experience of Alex and Vlad, who will recommend you nice spots to visit, nice treks to do. I would highly recommend...

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I had an enjoyable trip with Alex during my visit to Kyrgyzstan. his indepth knowledge of the region, his fluency in the local language and his care of me during the travel really enhances the whole travel experience. We had a wonderful time roaming the country, visit the local homes and witnessing beautiful scenery. I would strongly recommend him to anyone would wants to have a unique experience in KYrgyzstan.


My entire experience in Kyrgyzstan was enhanced by meeting Alex and the guys at Indy Guide. Alex goes out of his way to be helpful and informative at every available opportunity. Will have fond memories for life. The 8 day tour was such an amazing positive and importantly immersive experience.

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Amazing tour! The associated guest house is also very pleasant and I highly recommend it. The entire family was very accommodating.


Fantastic guide, very accommodating, speaks great English. Highly recommend!

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He is the best guide. Very smart and helpful and kind. He prepared to me food. We were talking a hike in Konorchek Canyon and than we visited the oldest islam tower in Kyrgisistan. They are amazing places. I would like to say thank you Yaroslav. It Was one of my memorable trekking trip in my life.

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I had an amazing 10 days trip in Kyrgyzstan thanks to Beka. He was very responsive from the start when we were still discussing the itineraries and Beka recommended some wonderful guest houses and always great places to eat. A very attentive and patient guide, he shared the most beautiful places and interesting things about Kyrgyzstan, that I have decided to come back and visit again! I would definitely recommend Beka as a guide!


Great guy, unfortunately terrible weather and my short notice restricted the amount of time we had for hunting. Marat is a fun, enthusiastic gentleman with a passion for his country and informing others about it.

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