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Kyrgyzstan Tours are a life experience

Traveling Kyrgyzstan is like unraveling a beautiful mystery. The country offers visitors a broad variety of travel experiences, ranging from fishing tours to amazing 4x4 offroad trips. The local people are friendly and very hospitable. The capital Bishkek offers an amazing shopping experience, as you can find a variety of interesting local products such as handmade pottery, uniquely-designed Kyrgyz rugs and jewelry made with semiprecious stones from the nearby mountains. In the countryside, the visitor enjoys a calm atmosphere and an abundance of culinary specialties. What's more, Kyrgyzstan has the most liberal tourist visa regime in Central Asia, making the country a great place to start a tour of the famous silk road and collect your visas to the surrounding countries. Whatever your travel plans may be – Kyrgyzstan tours with indy-guide.com are a life experience.

Kyrgyzstan's nature is one of a kind

Being full of beautiful mountains and stunning lakes, Kyrgyzstan's nature is simply mind-blowing. The country boasts a very rich flora and fauna with rare species that can be found throughout the country. Many people who book Kyrgyzstan tours on our website visit big valleys like the famous Talas-valley in the Northwest. Lakes like the Issyk-Kul (also called „Blue Pearl of the Tien-Shan“ or „Kyrgyz Sea“) are also well worth visiting. Kyrgyzstan's highest peaks can be found in the triangle of Kyrgyzstan, China and Kazakhstan. With an altitude of 7439 m, the Peak Pobedy (Peak Victory) is the world's northernmost seven-thousander. The Peak Lenin (7134m) in the far south is popular among mountaineers from all over the world, also due to its technically not too demanding ascent. indy-guide.com offers Kyrgyzstan Tours to almost every tourist attraction – take a look at our current travel offers page and make your choice.