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Soko and friends

This trip be filled with good moment , nice friendship and good service. Thank you for your service and kindness. I'm lucky to choose you, Soko.

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The tour was fantastic and everything went ok with the exception of the day we were to visit Kharkhorin ancient capital city and Erdene zuu monastery that was partially closed due to a religious reason. We also had to leave the city early due to quarantine issues, meaning we saw and did very little on this day. It would have been nice if this was known in advance, with a simple phone call, so we did not waste time going there as this was the part of the tour we were looking forward to the m...

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Tamiraa and Team

Review of 3 day/2 Night trip Solo trip March 2018 Overall the trip was of a good quality, travelling around 900 km across to the Semi-Gobi area, stopping at Hustai on the way and then the next day back to Terelj National park, also visiting the Chinggis statue complex. Tamir was responsive prior to the trip, and keen to listen to feedback, I didn't really see her guiding skills as the trip was unguided. Bymbaa, my driver, was very kind and professional as well as having a good qualit...

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Horol is the best guide ever! My mother and I really enjoyed exploring Mongolia. If we have a chance to go to Mongolia again, we will definitely choose Horol to be our guide every time!

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Soko and friends

Things were a little rough this week and had it’s ups and downs. For the most part, since it was the beginning of the season, it was lots of catching up with the nomadic families and speaking in Mongolian. I felt excluded from the group for a majority of the trip since I don’t speak Mongolian. I would only recommend this tour IF you are traveling with someone else. This will at least give you someone to talk to while Soko and the others catch up and speak Mongolian for most of the trip. Soko ...


When I back to Ulaanbaatar, my hotel room. I felt like a big slap on my face. Everything is back into the contrast reality. How I wish the dream nomad's adventure continue with this amazing Munkduulga and his driver, Baatraa. Really, the adventure with Munk was like a dream I do not want to wake up. Everyday, I wake up with full of surprises, be it his breakfast or the adventure. I also very impressed with the humble nomad folks i met through out the trip. I want to say Thank You! Munk and...


I am really glad that I got a reply from Munkhduulga the last minute while I was looking for a good UB tour within my budget. Had it not been so, I would have not been able to be setup with an awesome 3D2N tour to the places I have mentioned and wanted to go to (and again fitting into my budget!), and I am very much looking forward to it! I had many questions and clarifications since it is my first Indy-Guide booking and he has always promptly and gladly replied back. Now I am all settled and...


Fantastic! We have chosen Mongolia as our honeymoon destination. We tried reaching out to few DMC initially but they were taking a lot of time to respond. We came across Indy Guide by chance the response time impressed us a lot. And so many people connected with us regading our query. We were really impressed with the website and also the listings. Keep up the great work!

Tamiraa and Team

My god was it a brilliant two weeks in Mongolia... All the history all the adventure truly was amazing.. It was so amazing that by the end of my trip I actually was contemplating on staying for another week instead of going back to work..

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Soko and friends

Soko organizes very good tours and I have enjoyed myself very much during my time with her, her tourguide and drivers. I very much recommend contacting her if you consider going to Mongolia! She has a lot of valuable contacts and can basically help you with anything you need or want in your trip.


Erka was terrific! He went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly. He put a trip together for my son and me whereby we had the authentic and unique experince we were looking for in Mongola. It was really helpful to us that Erka speaks fluent English. Eka arranged for a great cook/driver. Awesome food! We definitely plan to come back to Mongolia and have Eka as our guide again.

Golden eagle festival winner 2017
Soko and friends

Great tour! Fantastic guide and driver! So informative, kind and patient. I had such a memorable experience. Definitely recommend.


We really had a great trip! Everything went smoothly and according to what we had agreed with Muugii. The only thing I would have changed is the stay in Mandalgovi to break the return trip in two days. The hotel was not good (neither the room nor the restaurant) so it would have been better to return directly to Ulaan Bataar, even if it meant a long day in the car. That's a minor detail after all the good time we had in the desert!

Soko and friends

Big thank you Soko for making last minute booking so easy. Ana was great, so helpful all day. He had such a keen eye, he spotted most of the wildlife in the national park. It was an excellent day. Many Thanks

Soko and friends

We booked our tour by Soko but went on the 9 days Gobi desert tour with her friend Alma as our guide. Alma was cook and guide in one person and like a friend to us. We had a wonderful time, the tour was perfectly organized, we had an amazing camel ride into the dunes and could experience the real nomadic life because of her privat contacts. Perfect trip with a perfect giude and perfect driver. Thanks for giving us that great time.

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We had a great 9 days trip to the Altai mountains including the small Eagle festival in sagsai. Zhan has a really nice team and we had a lot of fun together. Everything was good orgnaized and the food was so tasty and always too much. :) We had a really good time which we won´t forget! Thanks!