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Soko and friends

We enjoyed a beautiful trip through the southern, central and northern part of Mongolia this June. With our dutiful driver Sukhee it was possible to see countless highlights along the way and experience a true Mongolian outdoor adventure. This incredible journey was only possible due to the excellent support of Soko. Very patiently she helped us to organise the trip in advance, answered my thousand questions and prepared us a tailormade itinerary. Thank you Sokko for that, for the all-day-...

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Great adventure in Mongolia! It wouldn't have been possible without Indy Guide & Nurbol's assistance. I made a post on Indy Guide asking for a very specific trip to be arranged. This was to be a multi-day trip on horseback following an eagle hunter through the Altai mountains. My request was for a minimalist set-up where just a few horses, eagle, and hunter would be provided. We brought our own camping gear, food, and water which we attached to an extra horse. Nurbol contacted ...

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Tamiraa and Team

We just took a 5-days Beauty of golden Gobi for 2 persons. The first surprise was that our Russian Van was a Toyota Land Cruissier comfortable and reliable. Tugi our very experienced driver, was our friendly guide-driver who has traveled extensively and speaks fluent English, very attentive and does his best to take care of us. In addition he is an excellent cooker and has good Mongolians music in his phone that have shorted distances. Thank you for making this travel so great.

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Tamiraa and Team

Tamiraa and Team were extremely helpful to us in every step of the way. They changed our schedule when we expressed that we did not want to spend the first night in a local ger. They accomodated us in Dalangadzad which was an extra 30 km drive. When we came back to Dalanzadgad on the last day, and we were not happy with thier hotel choice, they upgraded to a better hotel. The driver (I think Baira was his name) was extremely friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them.

Soko and friends

Wonderful experience we had. From the very 1st time we engage Soko till the end of the trip, she provided very clear day to day itinerary. Update us on the weather situation as the tour date draws nearer and advise us on the things to bring. Our driver and guides were equally wonderful, Making sure that we are warm and well-fed throughout the trip.

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Soko and friends

Just got back from a nine day Gobi tour with my girlfriend, and I have only good things to say! Soko invited us to her office, and over a cup of tea we went through our route. She was super friendly and helpful, even offering to keep helping us even after our tour ended. The tour itself was fab. We had a WONDERFUL tour guide called Helen (a dentistry student) and a kind, super experienced (very funny) driver. The ger camps we stayed in were all comfortable and camping spots well chosen. L...

Davka and Team

We've booked a one day trip for Naadam festival. The tour was not well managed at all. We joined the opening ceremony but unfortunately, we saw neither archery competition nor ankle bone shooting nor wrestling competition! In the afternoon the team drove us to the horse racing field at Khui Doloon Khudag, but we arrived too late to see any horse racing. We were fully reimbursed but we are so disappointed to have a so long trip and wasted our day.

Tamiraa and Team

everything went very well. We wanted a comprehensive tour in Mongolia: south, center, north, west.. Tamiraa proposed her tour, 25 days seeing everything we wanted to see, the ultimate Mongolia tour, we did some adjustments here and there and that was it, with a very afordable price. The guide Chingis and the driver Gonchgoo were really great as well of course there were some small bumps here and there, as any long travel to Mongolia is likely to happen, but all whithin the normal. I'd su...

Tamiraa and Team

I rent car for 4 days central Mongolia trip. Many thanks Tamiraa's good arrangement. driver was good experience. He totally know what we want!! recommend restaurant was delicious. and driver is also a good cooker. Our kids love his meals! we went to supermarket shopping. we sleeping in yurts. one night we plan camping but unfortunately weather was bad. we Many thanks driver and his daughter. Mongolia have nice people and beautiful view

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Soko and friends

Soko was very helpful in organizing a Naadam festival tour. We had fantastic seats at the main stadium with great views of the opening ceremony and wrestling that followed, and got to see the horse race the same day out of town. The tour included a tour of a nearby national park, but there was a last minute change from Terelj to Hustai National Park. As it turned out, this was great since we saw lots of wildlife in Hustai, even a couple of rare Przewalski horses high on a hill. On return...

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Tamiraa and Team

Mongolia is a breathtaking country, so different to anywhere we have travelled before. We had a 13 day trip which in hindsight was probably a couple too many as the travelling gets quite tiring with poor and non-existent roads - you also will want to check what type of vehicle will be used as some are more comfortable than others. We didn't actually have Tamiraa as our guide, so can't really say much about her personally - she just turned up to take the money! Staying in family Ger camps w...

Soko and friends

Vielen Dank an Soko für die Organisation der Tickets zum Naadam Eröffnungsfest. Ich konnte leider nicht daran teilnehmen, da ich krank war. Aber meine Gäste aus der Schweiz haben zusammen mit meiner Mongolischen Frau Bolormaa die Eröffnung geniessen können. So hoffe ich auf das Jahr 2019, das ich dann auch die Eröffnungszeromonie Live erleben kann. Ih bayarlalaa to Soko. Franz

Andy and Friends

We had a great cycling trip around Ulaanbaatar. Andy was very kind and easy to follow around in hard terrains of Ulaanbaatar as well as gachuurt park. And in the evening we've spent playing football in a local park. From the early pick up in the morning till we went back to hotel it was a great unexpected day Will book again next time

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The team Canat put together were excellent and looked after me very well. Very considerate, good food, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and great help in the rather arduous park conditions for a 75 yr old. Enjoyed travelling the countryside very much. The only disappointment was the lack of wildlife viewing.


Can be fully recommended! We spend one whole day with Amarbileg during which he took us in his car to the most important sights around Sainshand. Everything went smoothly, he had a perfectly prepared itinerary for us (which he had sent me in advance for approval), picked us at the train station in the morning and brought us back in the evening. Amarbileg is very nice, speaks decent English and was able to flexibly adapt the itinerary to our demands. Absolutely worth the money, we enjoyed the ...

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We got the Naadam tickets as agreed