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Kirill is amazing tour guide with great knowledge of the region and its history. He takes great time and pride in explaining everything that you see. Me and my husband enjoyed this experience very much. His car was clean and comfortable plus he got us snacks, water and cute gifts. We would recommend this tour guide to anyone. As the sites are beautiful and breathtaking and we had a experience to try water from a spring.

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We went with Andrey to the Big Almaty Lake and for the Eagle hunting demonstration. We had a wonderful day. Andrey is a very affable person, passionate about his work and goes the extra mile to accommodate you. He is an excellent driver, careful and considerate and his vehicle is in good condition handling the icy roads up to the Lake with ease. He organized a great picnic lunch for us and we enjoyed the hot fruit tea and Turkish coffee. He had a special seat belt for our son as safety is a ...


Horol is the best guide ever! My mother and I really enjoyed exploring Mongolia. If we have a chance to go to Mongolia again, we will definitely choose Horol to be our guide every time!

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Amazing tour, great guide. The tour was organized spontaneously and everything went perfectly. The drive to the canyon was pleasant, accompanied by ABBA music in an astonishing landscape. The canyon itself was breathtaking, we could experience it from various perspectives. After a short break with delicious tee we went for a short hike through the surrounding hills. On our way back we made a small detour to a tranquil lake in the mountains. Overall we can highly recommend this experienced gu...

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Soko and friends

Things were a little rough this week and had it’s ups and downs. For the most part, since it was the beginning of the season, it was lots of catching up with the nomadic families and speaking in Mongolian. I felt excluded from the group for a majority of the trip since I don’t speak Mongolian. I would only recommend this tour IF you are traveling with someone else. This will at least give you someone to talk to while Soko and the others catch up and speak Mongolian for most of the trip. Soko ...


When I back to Ulaanbaatar, my hotel room. I felt like a big slap on my face. Everything is back into the contrast reality. How I wish the dream nomad's adventure continue with this amazing Munkduulga and his driver, Baatraa. Really, the adventure with Munk was like a dream I do not want to wake up. Everyday, I wake up with full of surprises, be it his breakfast or the adventure. I also very impressed with the humble nomad folks i met through out the trip. I want to say Thank You! Munk and...


Azamat shows me the best places around the canyons of Kazakhstan. Really friendly man who can tell a lot of usefull information. Good and safe driver. He organised everything perfect! I really like this Tour and suggest others to book this!

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Begal has been very accommodating to ascede to our requests to suit best our itinerary due to us experiencing unforseen circumstances (falling ill). He has been very patient and listen much to our needs during our travel together. Even though we were with him for only a week, it feels that we had so much in common like we have known each other for years. He had planned best our itinerary based on his clients needs. Our trip in Krygystan could not have been much better, all thanks to Bel...

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Although a very kind person. Darkhan was unable to make the tour time due to an issue with the car. Although I’m bummed about not being able to go to those aces with this tour, I would still recommend Darkhan even though it was a slip up that occurred with my tour


Thanks for such a great time!

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Kirill was great! We did the Big Lake Almaty winter tour with him. We have two small children, and he was very patient and helpful. His English is excellent, and he is very knowledgeable. We also went with Kirill on a second trip to go dog sledding. It was amazing. The kids loved it! I would highly recommend Kirill as a guide.


Our stay in Samarkand with Bobosher was just amazing. He saw us the main cultural monuments and gave us very interesting informations about the history of their construction. We had also the opportunity to talk with him about the evolution of the country. Finally, he made us discover some typical restaurants because we don't like touristic places. His english is also very good Bob made our stay really great and we highly recommend him

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Arman was a great guide , we had a great day with him! He knows a lot about the country's history and was able to provide us with lots of information about Almaty. We were initially unable to go to the BAL as planned as the car was not a jeep and the roads were too snowy so he took us to another place that we wanted to go to. Whilst we were there he arranged for us to go with another driver who had a jeep! We were so happy that we got to see the Big Almaty Lake- this would not have been po...


Unfortunately (due to miscommunication from my side), the tour did not happen


Everything went smoothly!


Everything goes so well and smooth with Andrey. He cares about us and makes the trip memorable with full activties arranged. He is flexible to make changes to suit the special needs with customer. He shows us around the city including the local dishes which makes this trip a very authentic one. I tend to recommend Andrey as your personal guide for your next trip to Almaty.