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Last week, I did a tour from Dushanbe to Osh, using Kubanych's services. I would like to give some feedback here. I booked the tour here in Indyguide about three months ago. The tour was designed for 11 days and should cost $ 95 per day per person. After booking the tour, Kubanych contacted me that he could not offer me the tour as I travel alone. Unfortunately, no fellow travelers could be found until my start date and so I had to pay a little bit more. That was fine for me, but I would r...

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I really much enjoyed the tour! Zubair was organizing everything very well and I did the three days trip with his friend Zubair (they have the same name funnily) and the driver Behrus. It was great! I learned a lot about the 7 lakes, Iskanderkul, tajik history and traditions. Thank you for this unique experience!!


Everything went perfect! Very good communication, Saidbek speaks excelent English, replies soon, offered the best price and the driver and car were good, arrived one day before to be sure he will be there on time. Thanks Saidbek!


We had an unforgettable trip with Alex from Dushanbe to Osh in 10 days (July 2019). Besides the nature, diverse of cultures, people, languages… Alex was one of the main factors which made this trip a life-long experience. He is an excellent driver, experienced with the roads and all the region. His car is perfect for this road, comfortable and in good conditions. He is reliable; gives you the feeling you can trust him at all. The home stays he chose for us were the bests, comfortable, beauti...


I have just returned from Dushanbe and Zubair is a fantastic guide very knowledgeable and passionate. He was flexible but well organised and exceeded my expectations. What I like about Zubair is that he is considerate about everything. When the city tour ended, I wanted to do the seven lakes tour he made it happen. He sorted the accommodation and transport at my request thank you for that. It was a breathtaking and memorable experience. His local knowledge and up to date information on ea...

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Mr. Ali was very kind and I really enjoyed the journey with him!!


Indy Guide rating! In search of online travel information about the countries of Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan, I found access to the Ati Tosun portal. Then I found a travel organization about Khudogay, who organized a jeep tour for me and my friend Armin through the countries mentioned from 15 to 27.09.2015. Drivers, vehicles and the organization was great, all promises and program points were met. Overnight stays in homestays were appropriate for the circumstances, whether in T...


The tour with Turat and his son Abdulmazhid was really great! Turat is an experienced driver and the itinerary that we followed was also very good. We did the "Pamir Highway Tour from Bishkek to Dushanbe, 14 Days" in opposite direction from Dushanbe to Bishkek, because then you have more time to acclimatize before you reach the Ak-Baital Pass (4.655 meter). His son helped Turat on our trip and did that very good, so it was like having 2 guides for the price of 1. :) Both speaks good English, ...

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Trip is very good!! Driver , Fez, is fantastic. Location of each stop is stunning. Homrstay and people are so generious & lovely. This is very memorable trip! Only thing to improve is at begginning , our car is too small and not proper as road is mostly bumpy but this has been changed after 5 days.


Turat was not only a great and experienced driver, but a real friend for us. He drove us safely from Bishkek to Dushanbe in a 10 unforgettable days trip, with amazing conversation that really helped us to understand local culture and lifestyle (Turat speaks good English). He was very flexible and patient to fulfill our special requests, and we also had the opportunity to visit his house and family. Turat's son also came with us for the whole trip, adding a young's point of view to our convers...


Turat was an excellent guide and driver. Very professional, and well prepared, always helpful and considerate. We went with him from Dushanbe to Osh, had a great trip, completely without problems. Happy to recommend Turat.


We are really greatful that we found you! Our trip was more than perfect. Pamir Highway is amazing, but we are sure that 50% of that was thanks to Jamal. He was so helpful, he explained us a lot of things but above all, we was funny and kind so we have a great time with him. We highly recommend Jamal as a guide. Thnks for one of the best experiences in our life!


Everything was perfect best car good driver nice homestay great sherali

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Turat was a wonderful driver and guide. He has been doing this for 10 - 15 years and grew up in the area. He loves the Pamirs and knows them well. He was able to find accommodations for my husband who is paraplegic and myself at every stop. He was willing to change plans when we wanted and was very helpful in every way.


Thank you Alisher for the services of Mohammed who was such a great and helpful guide and to Safar who safely drove us on challenging road conditions. Everything you arranged for us on this trip went smoothly, including the car and accomodation. But best of all, both Mohammed and Safar exceeded our expectations to help our trip more memorable. Thank you!

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Mirzo Nazar

The day was awesome. Bonham and Jon are great guides, and very interesting people. We went to Hissar and then walk around Dushanbe to see main sights. They took me to a very nice restaurant for lunch. Most of it, I enjoyed very much their company, kind, nice and talkative people. I hope to be able to do some tour again with them in the future.